I love receiving emails from you and seeing your work! Please leave me a note in the discussions page if you'd like me to include your stop motion video on this page.


Viva La Roma! (marietto)

July 22, 2012: This is a Youtube video response to my Paris stopmotion.



Havana 2012 (David Pahmp)

July 18, 2012: After catching your participation on Twit photo, on the flight to Havana, I decided to give it a try. Recorded a minute of music and shot like 800 images. And getting back home trying to put it together I realized a whole bunch of mistakes. So… I'll just go practice a lot before next trip. :D] Thanks for the great inspiration! David.


Friday BBQ at the Kempinski Hotel Bratislava (Martin Vrabko)

June 27, 2012: Hi Petra, Just let you know, here is my recent work inspired by your Paris trip. I new this stop motion long time, but when I saw yours I just recall it :-). Thanks a lot, Martin.


Copenhagen in Stop Motion (Marc Soares)

 June 13, 2012: "@petracross Inspired by your Paris stop motion video, I went to Copenhagen last week. The results:"

Perch Rock Time Lapse (Mark Carline)

June 20, 2012: "Just wanted to say i've been really inspired by your stop motion videos and i've just done a test video using windows movie maker (I dont have a mac) and it worked really well. I'm going to have a go at doing my own this thursday of a local photographic adacemy i'm a member of..."

Davidson family vacation in Hawaii (Dion Davidson)

June 12, 2012: "1237 photos in 4 minutes! Inspired by Davidson family vacation to Hawaii in June 2012. Lunar eclipse, Venus transit and 16th anniversary! Thanks Petra! The music I used was recorded live at the luau shown in the video by the microphone on the D7000. I was lucky that it worked very well for the video, and provides another memory of our trip! Keep up the good work, and I look forward to stopmotionista."

Flower test (Tony Puerzer)

June 23, 2012: "I think that you can do everything that you want to do without using anything except Lightroom and iMovie - no Quicktime needed! In Lightroom you can use the Slideshow module and set the Slide Duration to 0.1 sec (the minimum) and the Fades to 0.0 sec then use the Export Video... option to export as 1080p. In iMovie you can adjust the clip timing by selecting the Clip Adjustments (little blue gear in the top left of each clip). You can either set the clip speed as a percentage, or set the actual duration of the clip in seconds and tenths of a second.

One final tip that you may want to promote... in iMovie you can copy and paste a clip to duplicate it, and then use the Clip Adjustments to Reverse the direction of the copied clip... which makes for a smooth transition to the reverse." 

Food and Garden ChitChat

June 26, 2012: Rowena Lusso: "My name is Rowena check me out on G+. I got so inspired this is perfect idea to stitch many many images into motion. So I made a quick video and see what you guys think. Please love to hear your input. Petra Love to include my video to your site, I plan to create more soon. Thank you for the inspirations and your cool how-tos"

A day in the life of a Formula One photographer going to work (Russell Batchelor)

June 21, 2012: Marco Miltenburg: "Glad I gave @russellbatch of @XPBImages the idea to make this nice video: #Valencia #F1 Inspired by @petracross"

A Day In The Life 14Aug2012 (Marty Backe)

July 18, 2012: I saw your interview on TWiT, and was fascinated with this technique. I didn't want to burn through a lot of shutter activations on my DSLR, so instead I grabbed one of my point-and-shoots (Finepix EXR 200) and captured my day in about a 1000 shots. The down side to this point-and-shoot is the slow shutter rate. My next one will be with my Canon S90, which shoots faster... Marty.